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Heat Exchanger Tubes Cleaning


Introduction: Eilaf Trading & Contracting Company Pvt. Ltd., are the exclusive AGENTS, DISTRIBUTORS & SERVICE PROVIDERS for “KROK” brand heat exchanger tubes cleaning equipments, manufactured by KROK Ltd. in whole of INDIA, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Experts of Krok Ltd. have developed this technology and the equipment for clearing of an internal surface of tubes by a hydro mechanical method of any adjournment. The method is based on a method of spalling adjournment by a rotating roller nozzle or a self-aligned gear crown with simultaneous removal sludge a stream made under the pressure of a liquid.

KROK 2.2 KROK 3.2 Nozzles

Heat Exchangers Cleaning by Hydro Mechanical Methods without using AC/DC power which is completely safe and pneumatic type

KROK Worker 2

KROK Worker 3

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