Eilafco is a company which was established by a group of Engineers and Professionals to cater the growing demands of the civil, electrical, mechanical, telecom and industrial sector within Saudi Arabia.

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Trading Division


We are the exclusive agents and representatives of Nova Tech and KROK in the whole of Middle East & India

Trenchless Equipments

Floor Treating Machines

Mosaic Grinding MachineFloor Polishing MachinePower TrowelSingle Disc Polishing and Grinding MachineDouble Trowel
Mosaic Grinding MachineFloor Polishing MachinePower TrowelSingle Disc Polishing and Grinding MachineDouble Trowel

Trenchless Equipment

Trenchless technology represents underground construction techniques and methods of installation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of utility systems with minimal surface disruption or destruction results from excavation.

Trenchless methods are being effectively used to execute such underground works as:

One of the major product lines of the plant is trenchless equipment for carrying out construction, reconstruction, repairs and servicing of underground pipeline networks without destroying the top of soil surface.

The use of this equipment for trenchless technology allows preserving the urban infrastructure with its natural and historical monuments and observing the ecological requirements.

We sell different models of pneumatic punchers or moles IP4610, IP4605A, IP4603A, IP4603AM, hole driving machines CO144A and pipe ramming machines, CO134A, CO134AM, CO166, CO166M, M400 for such works as pipe installation, reconstruction and ramming. Also we have unique equipment for pipe bursting MPS 01, MPS 01.01 – demolition of old pipelines with simultaneous laying of new PE pipes.


Underground hole driving

(Impact moling)
Diameter: 55 – 620 mm – Length: up to 40 m

Pipe driving (pulling)

Diameter: 30 – 600 mm – Length: 40 – 60 m
Material: any (as ordered)

Pipe driving (ramming)

Diameter: 100 – 630 mm – Length: up to 40 m
Material: Steel

Cable installation

Type: any (as ordered)

Pipe replacement

Old pipes:
Diameter: 150 – 210 and 250 – 300 mm. – Length: up to 150 m
Material: cast iron, asbestos cement, and ceramics

New pipes:
Diameter: 225 and 315 mm – Length: up to 150 m

Diameter of hole to be drivenmm5595/18070/100/120130/200155/300235
Outside pipe diametermmno more 159159…325325,630
Length of pipes to be rammedm30403040/2040/3025-40
Hole driving speedm/min0,02-0,750,17-0,90,09-0,90,02-0,78 / 0,03-0,0360,08-0,96 / 0,0036-0,30,0084-0,25
Machine masskg14542890150370
Single stroke powerJ15110462505001 000
Stroke frequencyhz6,55,55,56,24,23,8
Working pressure of compressed airМPа0,60,60,60,60,60,6
Air flow ratem3/min1,323,21,55,388